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What is Media Investigator?

Media Investigator recovers lost, deleted & formatted files with Windows.

Will Media Investigator recover my files?

It doesn't matter what type of file you've lost. If you've accidentally deleted your files or formatted your disk / memory card recently, Media Investigator can find and recover your lost files. It is possibly the best file recovery software available to the home user. (See our testimonials.)

Should I trust Media Investigator?

Trust Others - Over 65,000 people in 150+ countries have trusted Media Investigator to recover their files.

It costs nothing to see if Media Investigator can recover your files. (See below for details.)

Safe - Media Investigator only reads your drive with trhe lost files. It doesn't write to it or modify the data in any way so there's no risk of damaging your drive or overwriting the data on it. And it lets you preview your recoverable files before saving them.

It's certified 100% safe from spyware, adware or viruses by several independent download sites.

2005 - That's the year we launched Media Investigator to help people recover their lost files. If we were a scam or fad, we wouldn't still be here.

"You program is awesome. Thank you so much. I had already paid for and tried another program which did not work.

Your program recovered everyone of my photos and videos that were deleted from my 1st ever trip to Vegas."

(Shane R - Austin, TX, USA)

Why should I use Media Investigator to recover my files?

File Types - Recover all common (and many less common) file types such as JPG, BMP, RAW, MTS, M2TS, AVI, AVCHD, MP3, etc. The list of recoverable files can be found on our Features page.

Recover files from any drive (HD, DVD / CD, memory card, etc.) recognized by Windows.

Powerful & Easy-to-Use - Behind Media Investigator's easy-to-use screens is a powerful recovery & analysis engine finding your lost files.

Since 2005, we've allowed our customers to find their files absolutely free and still do today.

Recover or Refund - If Media Investigator doesn't recover the files it says it can, we'll gladly refund 100% of your purchase.

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How much is Media Investigator?

FREE to download and run. It's the full (not a trial) version.

FREE to scan all of your drives & see the lost files Media Investigator can recover.

FREE to recover JPG, AVI, files. (Limited time offer!)

US$14.95 to recover files once.

US$49.95 for unlimited recoveries on up to 3 computers.

Still not sure?

Have a look at some our customer testimonials / reviews.

Read more about Media Investigator here.

Contact our customer support with any questions you have.

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